Ownership History

Ownership history as researched by John Chambers, relayed by Ladonna McInnis with (notes). Additional input from Norm Withem.  Researched and compiled by Tom Glass

  • 1897 William C. Boat.  Norm Withem remembers the name and there is a news article about the store being moved from across the street that says it is from the William C. Boat collection.  There are records of a Bill Boat joining the army in 1947.  I believe this is not the original owner.
  • ????  W.C. Hartley.  There are at least 6 Hartley’s interred at Hartley Cemetery in Williams with a W. Clark Hartley, Oct 23 1843 – Apr 9, 1890, but if correct he would have died seven years before the store opened.  Perhaps his son owned the store?
  • 1907  Laura B and Cyrus Dixon
  • 1910 LC and Anna Hyde (maybe Anna May Hyde 1875-1948 interred at Canyonville Cemetery)
  • 1911 There is a photograph dated 1911 that has Jeff Dixon listed as storekeep, maybe a son working for the Hyde’s?
  • 1914  Frank M and Anna LeRoy.  There is a Francis John LeRoy 1891-1918 interred at Sparlin Cemetery in Williams.
  • 1919 Fred and Edna O’Kelly (I think she’s the lady on the bike in the picture) Fred O’Kelly Nov 7 1887 – June 9 1961.  Edna O’Kelly Nov 2, 1893 – June 22, 1975.  Interred together at Woodville Cemetery in Rogue River.  There are 3 photographs that have the O’Kellys in them with writing on the back that have dates between 1911 and 1917 describing them living in tents while they built their house next to the store (the current post office) which would have been up to 8 years before it is believed that they owned the store.  In 1911 Fred would have been 24 and Edna would have been 18.
  • 1924 Frank Woods (owned it for 5 years per Claire Brown)
  • 1929 W.C. and Louise Fixley.  The store is renamed the Fixley Store.  W.C. Fixley Oct 28, 1872 – Feb 27, 1947.  Louisa Fixley 1876- Feb 17, 1955.  Interred together at Sparlin Cemetery in Williams.
  • 1945 (Aug 21) Vern and Ruth Craft.  (I play Bunco with his niece Dona).  In December 1945 cold storage lockers were added to the store which is referred to as Williams General Store at this time.
  • 1946 (Sep 21) John and Mildred Mapston.  John renames store, now called Mapston Store.  John H. Mapston May 6, 1899 – Feb 17, 1984.  Mildred M. Mapston Mar 3, 1910 – Dec 6. 1994.  Interred together at Hellcrest Memorial Park in Medford.
  • 1950 (May 11) Mr. & Mrs. Warren Young
  • 1952 (Oct 18) Everrett Baltzer
  • 1954 (Dec 1) Kenneth L. and Audry Cross.  Some records show that the store is still called the Mapston Store at this point.  March 17, 1955 Kenneth and Audry begin remodeling store, painting it white in July.  It could be at this point the store is renamed the Williams Store.
  • 1956 (March 8) Bill and Sally Daniels
  • 1957  (Feb 15) A.D. “Fitz” and Lucy S. Fitzpatrick.  The Fitzpatricks lived in the current post office.
  • 1969 (April 3) Grover Keeney (I loved that old guy!) Lucy Fitzpatrick writes about this but she refers to the new owner as ‘the Kuny’s’.
  • 1971 (Feb 20)  Bill and Irene Cobb of Beaumont, CA.
  • 1974 (April 17) Norm and Sandy Withem (the post office was their home when they owned the store.)  Spatter (John and Darcy) were initial silent partners.  Norm was the one that put the stove in the store.
  • 1978 Bobbie and Ed Schmidt.  Everyone knew that Bobbie ran the store and was in charge. 
  • 1981 John and Marge Chambers.  John and Marge built the barn.
  • 1998 Rob and Jody Wagner.  Rob moved the gas pumps to the back of the store.  Rob was also the one that took the stove out of the store.
  • 2008  Tom and Kathy Hazelton.  Tom and Kathy added the large storage room to the North side of the building
  • 2016 Tom and Heather Glass.  Tom and Heather added the back door and porch.

We are always looking for more information about previous owners and the changes they made.  Please use our Contact page if you have any additional information.

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